Freeplay: Episode 8 Walkies, Wunderbar and War

Put your wallets away! Put down the cheque book and pen! Stop begging your dad for money! You’re dining with the InRetroSpect crew from now on and we don’t like charging you a bean. Even more so we want you to be enjoying things for free even when you’re not fortunate enough to be around us.  So here we go with another Freeplay, where Xero (Pete), Dan (FrostieDee), Kris (Strider), and Sam (Marconi), tell you how to enjoy your time for free!

This month we look at the fun that comes from not shooting stuff, shooting stuff, and why we should be shooting stuff at all.


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Warning! May not be suitable for children!

Test your ability not to shoot here!

Test your trigger finger here!

And to get ahead of the game, the games for Episode 9 are here!