Comic Book

Through the Reticle: Comics and Games

In a special episode of Through the Reticle, Sam Turner is joined by fan of the show and comic book enthusiast Tom Percival. Together they discuss the design and flaws of the cult classic ‘Comix Zone’ and analyse the influence that comics have had on our gaming lives.


Through the Reticle: Watch Me Play

In the latest edition of Through the Reticle, Sam examines what it is that has got him hooked to watching other people play games online. It’s hard to ignore that the proliferation of ‘Let’s Play’ videos is continuing to expand exponentially and Sam has been venturing down the rabbit hole to find out what makes …


Through the Reticle: Parachuting Frog

This month on Through the Reticle Sam speaks to one of the creative minds behind the mobile gaming studio Parachuting Frog. After featuring one of their games (1800) on an episode of Freeplay, programmer James Parker talks to Sam about their new game Solisqr. Available now through the App Store, Solisqr is a simple but …


Through the Reticle: With Great Difficulty – Part II

Join Sam as he takes the easy option and brings you another show about gaming difficulty. To make his life even easier he hasn’t even bothered to write the show but instead this time Through the Reticle has been written by you. In this edition Sam reads the comments you made about gaming difficulty that …