Bokida and What Makes Us Play Games: The InRetroSpect Show


On the show this month we explore the peculiar environment of Bokida and are joined by one of it’s creators, Vincent Levy (@VincentLevyGD). We also discuss what it is that makes us play games, Dan treats us to another musical flourish and the disappointment continues with the Glitch of the Month.

Also this edition of the show couldn’t have happened without the help of ‘ThePodquisition’ and ‘Boing Boing’ who, unbeknownst to them, provided the games for Dan’s Challenge.

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Through the Reticle: Comics and Games Part 3 – From Screen to Page


In the third and final part of the InRetroSpect ‘Comic Book Trilogy’, Sam Turner is once again joined by Thomas Percival to discuss the affect that video games have had on the comic book industry. For this edition Sam and Tom have been taking to the page for inspiration and have both been reading a selection of comic books that have been directly inspired by popular video games; Tomb Raider, Dead Space and The Last of Us. If you missed the previous two episodes then they are available on iTunes and the website –

Through the Reticle: Comics and Games Part 2 – The Spider-Man Problem


In the second part of his special series looking at the relationship between Video Games and Comic Books, Sam Turner is once again joined by Tom Percival to assess how successful games are when they take the comic characters we love from the page to the screen. Each festooned with a Spider-Man title to call their own your friendly neighbourhood podcast hosts discover what makes a good comic book game and challenge that all titles don’t need to be scared of the shadow named ‘Arkham’.

Through the Reticle: Watch Me Play


In the latest edition of Through the Reticle, Sam examines what it is that has got him hooked to watching other people play games online. It’s hard to ignore that the proliferation of ‘Let’s Play’ videos is continuing to expand exponentially and Sam has been venturing down the rabbit hole to find out what makes them so popular and an increasing part of our gaming vocabulary.


Through the Reticle: Parachuting Frog


This month on Through the Reticle Sam speaks to one of the creative minds behind the mobile gaming studio Parachuting Frog. After featuring one of their games (1800) on an episode of Freeplay, programmer James Parker talks to Sam about their new game Solisqr. Available now through the App Store, Solisqr is a simple but compelling title based on the traditional board game ‘Peg Solitare’. Find out how the idea for the game came about and what inspires the Parachuting Frog.

To find out more about the company and the games then please click on the links above.

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