The InRetroSpect Show: Question Mark

Riddle me this! The team tease their brains with their account of their real-life puzzle room experience before jumping into free game Too Many Ninjas. Importantly though, does adding a question mark to a game title increase its awesomeness?


The InRetroSpect Show: Magic

Sam tries to convince Pete that analogue gaming is better than digital and the best gaming glitches and boxes are decided upon. Team Fortress 2 is the free game of the month and Kris looks at the significance of statues in games. Meanwhile, has Dan been doing any work on the InRetroSpect game whilst on his honeymoon? For …


The InRetroSpect Show: Nurture

With Dan on his honeymoon, it is up to Sam, Pete and Kris to keep you entertained this month. Still reeling from Gamescom 2014, the InRetroSpect threesome assess Tomb Raider’s Xbox exclusivity and that playable teaser for Silent Hills. They then botanise on free game Plants Vs. Zombies, before Kris attempts to cross Far Cry 3 without firing …


The InRetroSpect Show: Rebirth

After some tinkering behind the scenes, InRetroSpect is back with a new monthly podcast that combines all our show favourites into one neat package. In this first show of our regeneration, we discuss gaming news, free game Wolfenstein 3D and continue with our challenge to make a game by Christmas. You’re welcome.