Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective, and Mario becomes sentient – The InRetroSpect Show


This month’s show includes a catch up on our game Just In Time For Christmas?, we run through a mixed bag of games we received last month for the secret Santa, and we check out the gloriously punk platformer Bubsy 3d: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective by Arcane Kids.

If you’re interested in the story on how Mario has become sentient, here’s a video explaining everything…

Plus the Glitch of the Month, where the cast of Grand Theft Auto V turn into signs.

The InRetroSpect Show: Bad Drinks


You know what that say: ‘A bad drink can ruin the meal?’

What? They don’t say that? Well, I guess I made that up simply in order to seamlessly crowbar the episode title into this blurb without giving anything away about what it means. As well as plenty of bothersome beverages, this month the team grab time by the scruff of the neck and play around in Super Hot and the pieces are finally starting to fall into place with our game ‘Just in Time for Christmas’. Also, Dr. Kris shares with us his Gaming News and Glitch of the Month.