cave cave deus videt

Freeplay Episode 43: Spelunky & Cave! Cave! Deus Videt

In their first Freeplay of 2014, the team discuss the merits of level randomisation in Spelunky and a quirky take on Hieronymus Bosch’s art in Cave! Cave! Deus Videt. Also, Pete learns how to talk football and Dan confesses an embarrassing communication with a former sporting superstar. For a video of Sam’s LA debut

Freeplay Episode 42: Twelfth Night Special

In the first show of 2014 Sam, Dan, Pete & Kris come back together to share their experiences of the games they received for their Secret Santa in the Freeplay Christmas Special, see how Pete faired with truth or Lies, Dan with Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, Kris with Prince of Persia and finally Sam with …

Santas Village

Freeplay: Episode 41 – Santa’s Village & Colour My Fate

It’s that time of the year again … the Freeplay Christmas Show! Join us for a bumper special event, with gift giving and the annual quiz. In our festive show, we look at Making Fun’s Santa’s Village and bring colour to Christmas in Silver Stitch’s Colour My Fate. Which of us has a morally questionable …


Freeplay Wanderlust: The Games of the Doctor

To celebrate the 50th birthday of Doctor Who, Kris and Dan travel through time and space in search of the best free games from the mad man in a blue box.  The Adventure Games can be found here. All music tracks and sound effects featured are the intellectual property of the developer or artist and used by …