InRetroSpect Reviews: Closing

It’s the final episode of the InRetroSpect Review Show and Xero talks about why he put together the show and what he feels the show has tried to achieve, looking back on two years of retro games criticism.

InRetroSpect Reviews: Rayman

Michel Ancel’s directorial debut is explored in this super special edition of the InRetroSpect Review Show. Xero explains his feelings towards the early 32 bit era platformer, bringing the decisive verdict on this fondly remembered title from Ubisoft.


InRetroSpect Reviews: Ristar

It’s time for Sonic The Hedgehog to take a back seat for a moment as the chief mascot of SEGA, as the InRetroSpect Review Show dusts off Ristar from the collection to see whether you should be adding it to your games collection. Is this relatively forgotten SEGA platformer a shining star when reviewed 15 …