Pause:Continue Arc 5 – Episode 7, I’m told that’s a wrap

In month seven of the fifth Arc of Pause:Continue, Peter Willington provides a bumper episode, detailing the voice acting projects he’s been involved with over the month, as he continues to attempt to provide the words and sounds of video game characters. There’s information on a new Games Workshop release in Chainsaw Warrior from Auroch …


Pause:Continue Arc 5 – Episode 6, the session draws to a close

In the sixth episode of the fifth series of Pause:Continue, Peter Willington continues his path toward being a voice actor for video games. In this show there’s controversy, machinima, game industry legends, sore throats, and so much more. It’s got it all. Listen in. The Pickford Bros – Learn Dragon Age: The Calling, Episode 3 …


Pause:Continue Arc 5 – Episode 5, lines are recorded

In the fifth episode of the fifth series of Pause:Continue Peter Willington likens the journey on the path to becoming a voice actor, to that he made over four years previously to becoming a games critic. There’s news of the projects that have now been released that feature his work, and things almost turn down …


Pause:Continue Arc 5 – Episode 4, Into the microphone

In the fourth episode of Arc 5, Peter Willington pulls on all of his marketing know-how to write an email to companies offering his services as a VO, on top of creating the voice reel he’ll use to approach them. All music tracks and sound effects featured are the intellectual property of the developer or …


Pause:Continue Arc 5 – Episode 3, Say a load of words

In the third episode of Arc 5, Peter Willington’s journey to becoming a voice actor continues unabated, as he talks about the process of rapid auditioning, the culture of amateur VO, filling a resume, and staying positive. For the Bloodstone Manor series –


Pause:Continue Arc 5 – Episode 2, Start to speak

In the second episode of Arc 5, Peter Willington describes his experiences starting out in the world of voice acting. Getting advice from the Voice Acting Alliance boards, practicing reading aloud from Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo, appearing on The Voice Chat, and a chance encounter with the Lady of Payne. For my interview as part of …