Top 5 Pet Peeves: InRetroSpect Raw


Peter’s back in the hosting chair for another episode of InRetroSpect RAW, the unrehearsed and only marginally prepared show from the label.

He’s joined by Dan and Dr. Kris to discuss their pet personal gaming peeves. Running the gamut from inappropriate sound cues, to quick time events, and beyond, it’s a fast-paced episode and essential listening if you’ve ever thrown your controller in frustration.

Tune in below.

Image credit: Are you sleepy or annoy? by Ecserin Shiroha

InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Easter Eggs


Pete’s in the hotseat for this episode of InRetroSpect RAW, the unscripted, unedited, unbelievably argumentative show from the label.

This time Dan, Dr. Kris, and Pete squabble over the five very best Easter eggs you’ll find in all gaming history – with just twenty minutes to hone the list down to a chosen few. The games are a really varied bunch in this episode, with all sorts of hidden goodies from platforms stretching all the way back to the Atari 2600.

Have a listen.

Image credit: Eggs05 by Cassidy

InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Loading Screens

rayman loading screen

This is InRetroSpect RAW, the un-scripted and un-edited show from As usual Dan, Sam, Pete and Kris come together to spend twenty minutes picking apart a certain gaming topic to decide their definitive ‘top 5′ list. In this edition they battle against the clock to debate what the five best video game loading screens are going to be.



InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Ladders and Lifts


With a strict twenty minute time frame RAW challenges the team at InRetroSpect to debate and decide their top 5 of a certain gaming subject or theme. This time, Sam, Pete, Dan and Kris gather together to pick their most obtuse list yet. Is it possible to define the top five ladders and lifts that feature in games in just twenty minutes? Tune in to find out.

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Top 5 In-Game Companies – InRetroSpect RAW


Raw is the unrehearsed, unscripted and unedited show where our brave podcasters aim to choose their top 5 of a gaming topic. In this show Dan, Pete and Kris argue over who are the Top 5 In-Game companies. Will the Soul Storm Brewery make the list, will it be ousted by the Umbrella Corporation and will Pete remember how to count to 5? Find out on the latest episode of InRetroSpect Raw.

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