Comic Book

Through the Reticle: Comics and Games

In a special episode of Through the Reticle, Sam Turner is joined by fan of the show and comic book enthusiast Tom Percival. Together they discuss the design and flaws of the cult classic ‘Comix Zone’ and analyse the influence that comics have had on our gaming lives.

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InRaiderSpect Epilogue: A Survivor is Reborn

To commemorate the release of the definitive edition of Tomb Raider, Dr Kris excavates the series once again, presenting an epilogue to InRetroSpect’s InRaiderSpect special. Joining him for a chat is Tomb Raider expert Stellalune, the matriarch of Tomb Together, they discuss the highlights of the latest installment in the Tomb Raider series, how it fits in …


The InRetroSpect Show: Episode 1

The InRetroSpect Show is a heady, oftentimes surreal mix of pop culture, gaming news, irreverent humour, and a titanic challenge that will test the entire team. InRetroSpect are proud to unveil episode 1.