Below is a list of all the awesome people we have had as guests and the shows in which they were a part of.

Naomi Alderman, Writer and Broadcaster (Digital Wanderlust: ‘Dead On My Feet‘)

James Brooks, Ex-Soldier and Blogger (Pause: Continue: ‘Medal of Honor Episode 2‘)

Mark Brown, Video-games Journalist (Pause: Continue: ‘Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars‘)

Brendan Caldwell, Video-games Journalist (Pause: Continue: ‘Demos‘)

Adam Edwards, Community Manager, Midlife Gamer (Freeplay: ‘Grown Up Boys with Childish Toys’)

Colin & Richard, Game Designers and Podcasters (Digital Wanderlust: ‘Fearscapes‘)

Dr. Jayne Gackenbach & Teace Snyder, Video game and Dream Researcher & Writer (Digital Wanderlust: ‘How Videogames are Changing Everything‘)

Greg Giddens, Video-games Journalist (Freeplay: ‘Cubes, Cockneys & Cannon Fodder‘)

Vaughn Highfield, Video-games Journalist and Content Editor for Gamer’s Hub (Freeplay: ‘Thinking Outside the Box‘)

Sinan Kubba, Video Games Journalist and UK Editor of Joystiq (Freeplay: ‘The Celestial, The Coma & The Chuckle Bros‘ & Digital Wanderlust: ‘Foodscapes‘)

Kris Lipscombe, Features Editor at The Sixth Axis (Pause: Continue: ‘Sonic the Hedgehog‘)

Will Luton, Video Game Consultant and Writer, (Freeplay: ‘Building, Blitzing and Beverley Hills Chihuahua‘)

Krystian Majewski, Creator of Trauma (Pause: Continue: ‘Trauma‘)

Mike Mason, Reviews Editor at Nintendo Life (Pause: Continue: ‘Bubble Bobble‘)

Matthew Moore, Co-Founder of Midlife Gamer (Freeplay: ‘Cross-Dressing, Cutting Wax & Cliff Richard‘)

Kyle Richardson, Voice actor for Soldiers are Dreamers (Pause: Continue: ‘VAA MP3 POV‘)

Kellee Santiago, Co-Founder of ThatGameCompany (Freeplay: ‘De Shift, De Clould, DeWynter‘)

Rina-chan, Voice, actor for Soldiers are Dreamers (Pause: Continue: ‘VAA MP3 POV‘)

Adam Riley, Operations Director at Cubed3 (Freeplay: ‘Moulds, Modulation and Mobility‘)

Billy Vincent, Band (Pause: Continue: ‘Release Day‘)

Iain Wilson, Staff Writer, Computers and Video Games (Freeplay: ‘Mobile Gaming II: The Wrath of Kris‘)