Through the Reticle: Comics and Games Part 3 – From Screen to Page


In the third and final part of the InRetroSpect ‘Comic Book Trilogy’, Sam Turner is once again joined by Thomas Percival to discuss the affect that video games have had on the comic book industry. For this edition Sam and Tom have been taking to the page for inspiration and have both been reading a selection of comic books that have been directly inspired by popular video games; Tomb Raider, Dead Space and The Last of Us. If you missed the previous two episodes then they are available on iTunes and the website –

InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Ladders and Lifts


With a strict twenty minute time frame RAW challenges the team at InRetroSpect to debate and decide their top 5 of a certain gaming subject or theme. This time, Sam, Pete, Dan and Kris gather together to pick their most obtuse list yet. Is it possible to define the top five ladders and lifts that feature in games in just twenty minutes? Tune in to find out.

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InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Weapons


RAW is the only regularly unscheduled show on the InRetroSpect label. The premise is easy to understand, even if making sense of the release date isn’t. Simply put, the InRetroSpect team have a strict twenty minute time limit in which to decide on their top five of a certain gaming topic. This time the gang have to choose their favourite gaming weapons.

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Through the Reticle: Put the Onus on Bonus


Used to entice and sell every Triple A title in recent memory the Pre-Order Bonus is now a common tool in Video Game marketing. However, this month Sam argues that these methods employed to get us to drop money on a game before it has even been released are slowly being ignored by those selling them in store. Could it be that you would be better off not spending any of your cash up front at all? Find out in the latest edition of Through the Reticle.

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InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Romances


RAW is here once again. The un-scripted, un-edited and un-scheduled show of the InRetroSpect label. In this edition the guys have twenty minutes to debate what couples should make their Top Five ‘Video-Game Romances’. They have ten luscious pairings to pick from and a strict time limit in which to do it. Find out who they choose to stay between the sheets in the latest episode of InRetroSpect RAW.

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