• The Significance of Wormholes in Portal 2 – Digital Wanderlust

    In this episode, Dr Kris explains how the science behind wormholes is what makes Portal 2 a truly awesome game. Contains spoilers for Portal 2 and some school science. Photo Credit: Shane Willoughby

  • Chronology – InRetroSpect Plays

    Chronology is a platformer with a gorgeous 2D art style, and a time altering puzzle mechanic. Though that sounds on paper to be a lot like Braid, it’s actually very different to actually play, with its own unique aesthetic sense and gameplay feel. Take a look at the game in action below, or over on …

  • Making Found Art in Uncharted 3: Digital Wanderlust

    Taking a leaf out of Marcel Duchamp’s controversial sculpture Fountain, Dr Kris makes his own found art in Uncharted 3. Why not try it yourself? Features an extract from the National Galleries Scotland

  • Through the Reticle: Comics and Games Part 3 – From Screen to Page

    In the third and final part of the InRetroSpect ‘Comic Book Trilogy’, Sam Turner is once again joined by Thomas Percival to discuss the affect that video games have had on the comic book industry. For this edition Sam and Tom have been taking to the page for inspiration and have both been reading a …