• Digital Wanderlust: Thoughts of a Gaming Atheist: How We Can Find Religion in Gaming

    This month Dr Kris turns to religion, exploring how his own religious preferences differ when gaming. What are the spiritual implications of games? Listen Below.   For Andy Robertson’s TEDX Talk

  • Top 5 Pet Peeves: InRetroSpect Raw

    Peter’s back in the hosting chair for another episode of InRetroSpect RAW, the unrehearsed and only marginally prepared show from the InRetroSpectPodcast.com label. He’s joined by Dan and Dr. Kris to discuss their pet personal gaming peeves. Running the gamut from inappropriate sound cues, to quick time events, and beyond, it’s a fast-paced episode and …

  • InRetroSpect RAW: Top 5 Easter Eggs

    Pete’s in the hotseat for this episode of InRetroSpect RAW, the unscripted, unedited, unbelievably argumentative show from the InRetroSpectPodcast.com label. This time Dan, Dr. Kris, and Pete squabble over the five very best Easter eggs you’ll find in all gaming history – with just twenty minutes to hone the list down to a chosen few. …

  • Freeplay Episode 45: Abobo’s Big Adventure & DC Universe Online Part 2

    Joined by special guest and comic book aficionado Tom Percival, the team get all nostalgic with SNES pastiche Abobo’s Big Adventure and feedback on their experiences of another month of the MMO DC Universe Online.