• Chelsea Vs Leicester City – FIFA Premier League Preview, Gameweek 2

    The FIFA Premier league Preview aims to use the might and power of FIFA 14 on PS3 to predict the Premier League’s biggest matches. This week we cast our eye over Stamford Bridge and find out how Chelsea will fair when faced with newly promoted Leicester City. Will the foxes be able to produce a …

  • Manchester United Vs Swansea City – FIFA Premier League Preview, Gameweek 1

    In the FIFA Premier League Preview, Sam Turner and Daniel Frost use FIFA 14 on PS3 to predict one of the headline matches of the Barclays Premier League weekend. In the inaugural episode the match in the spotlight will be the Manchester United Vs Swansea City opening day match at Old Trafford. Hear Sam & …

  • The InRetroSpect Show: Rebirth

    After some tinkering behind the scenes, InRetroSpect is back with a new monthly podcast that combines all our show favourites into one neat package. In this first show of our regeneration, we discuss gaming news, free game Wolfenstein 3D and continue with our challenge to make a game by Christmas. You’re welcome.    

  • The Significance of Wormholes in Portal 2 – Digital Wanderlust

    In this episode, Dr Kris explains how the science behind wormholes is what makes Portal 2 a truly awesome game. Contains spoilers for Portal 2 and some school science. Photo Credit: Shane Willoughby